Saturday, August 10, 2019

I Search for the American Dream Speech or Presentation

I Search for the American Dream - Speech or Presentation Example As the paper highlights  there are many theories and statistics connected to this topic, some he is familiar with and most the reporter is not.   What he does know is that in the course of his life he does want to attain a reasonable amount of success. The reporter's main interest for   his life is Interior Design, but no business can succeed without the correct mindset. Ethics like hard work, discipline and the belief that race and religion aren’t a factor in all that is necessary to become successful in what is considered to be one of the most prosperous countries in the world, this is the American Dream.   It is a dream that requires blind faith in the American government, a trust in the virtues of others, and faith in one’s self.   It is also a dream that whether one wants to believe it or not, most people adopt.  This speech stresses that  the ideals this dream expects people to adhere to are based on a mythological America.   The question the repor ter poses in this research paper is whether or not actual success, in America, is based mostly on a blind and devout belief in the ideals of the American Dream, or if this dream is just another tools used by those in power to impede the success of other’s and maintain their own personal wealth?  How successful are most of those who promote the ideals embodied by the American Dream?  It is Harlon L. Dalton’s belief that Horatio Alger’s writings, during the mid to late 1800’s, promoted a destructive myth that overlooked the realities of society.  ... Article 1 It is Harlon L. Dalton's belief that Horatio Alger's writings, during the mid to late 1800's, promoted a destructive myth that overlooked the realities of society. Dalton specifically targets Alger's story Ragged Dick, about a young man who devoutly works his way up the American corporate ladder slowly succeeding based on his merit. Dalton feels the myth implied by this is that the American dream is accessible to all those who are willing to work for it. Alger has been a highly acclaimed writer in American culture, and the popularity of his work partly suggests that most Americans have an inherent belief in this myth. If this mindset is a part of the mental tapestry of America, and it is as destructive as Dalton claims it to be, it would mean that American's are inherently delusional. One might argue that this is only the problem of the minorities in this country, but Dalton protests that part of the want for most Americans to believe in this myth is fueled by a white discomfort with addressing the reality of a racial problem in America. He identifies this when he says, By interring the myth of Horatio Alger, or at least forcing it to coexist with social reality, we can accomplish two important goals. First, we can give the lie to the idea that Black people can simply lift themselves up by their own bootstraps. With that pesky idea out of the way it is easier to see why White folk need to take joint ownership of the nation's race problem (Dalton) This idea of dual ownership for racial injustice is a concept Dalton feels most whites avoid and is a concept we see on many occasions being played out by the media in daily society. There are many real life examples of the destructive nature of

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