Sunday, May 3, 2020

Hatred of Islamic Government by the West

Question: Discuss about theHatred of Islamic Government by the West. Answer: Introduction The Middle East is one of the places where the Islamic group of people dominates the entire population. The government of the countries situated in that region is mostly of the Islam religion. The people vote for the governments to be of the same kind so that the political and the social interest of the subjects can be met successfully. The Islamic government has a primary mission of enforcing the sharias to perform the duties of ibada mainly and hisba. This gave four responsibilities to the government such as safeguarding the community from moral and physical threats, safeguarding the community against the schisms according to the ulama rulings. They have to enforce the rules of moral life that is present in the Quran with respect to the sharias and interpret the ulama rulings with the various law schools so that the laws can be fair and justified (Halliday, 2005). The Islamic government of the Middle East controls the entire world in terms of the crude oil exportation because of th e rich deposits that it has with respect to its petroleum. They control the exchange rates of the entire market. They are supported by the people in this endeavor because they get the benefit from the country because of the high purchasing power they have due to the exporting facilities. The supporters also find that they can control the government as long as the power is in their hands (Kirk, 2016). Due to these outcomes, the county has many opponents in the western world because they cannot dominate the market according to their terms. The opponents harm the supporters who are present in the other countries and see it as an advantage by controlling them. The western world saw that the migration of the Islamic people was checked except from the European countries, which constituted of a very less number of people. The majority were from the Middle East and the African continent who had trouble to venture out in the world. Most of the people who migrated were the Christians and the Jewish minorities, which were very few, and this made the Islamic community look down up on the western civilization (Goldschimdt Jr. Boum, 2015). The western civilization started to hate the Islamic people after the terrorist attacks of 11th September, 2001 incident and the frequency increased after that with respect to notoriety after this incident. This made the western countries involve in indirect wars with Afghanistan and Iraq. The Islamic group in United Kingdom also had to face the wrath due to these repeated incidents in that country as well. Religion and cultural politics in all the regions caused a major trouble between the western worlds and the Islamic communities. An example would be the recent case in the Swiss parliament where the government enforced a ban on the minaret construction. It was seen that 22 out of 26 voters in the Parliament voted in favor of the ban (Ismael, Ismael Perry, 2015). The majority of the population in the Muslim dominated countries identified that the western societies should start showing respect to the Islamic community. The western societies need to stay away from humiliating the re ligious book of the Islamic people and the religious symbols that they follow. The western community needs to show respect to the Islam community and protect the rights of the religious minorities. They needs to portray to the media that they would stay equal partners in the issues of mutual interest (Ahmed, 2014). Many new atrocities have been bought to light regarding the ban of the headscarves in the public places, as the government of that place does not want any social outrage in the state. This ban of headscarves has led to an outrage by the Islamic people residing in those places, which created huge uproar. The ban is maintained in the Middle Eastern countries as majority of the people are all Islamic and the government has to comply with the rules that will make the people content. The opponents in abroad are treating the Islamic people with hatred in the recent times as well and the governments of those countries are supporting the people (Halpern, 2015). Reference List Ahmed, L. (2014).A quiet revolution: The veil's resurgence, from the Middle East to America. Yale University Press. Goldschmidt Jr, A., Boum, A. (2015).A concise history of the Middle East. Westview Press. Halliday, F. (2005).The Middle East in international relations: power, politics and ideology(Vol. 4). Cambridge University Press. Halpern, M. (2015).Politics of Social Change: In the Middle East and North Africa. Princeton University Press. Ismael, J. S., Ismael, T. Y., Perry, G. (2015).Government and politics of the contemporary Middle East: Continuity and change. Routledge. Kirk, G. E. (2016).A short history of the Middle East: from the rise of Islam to modern times. Routledge.

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