Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Evaluate the Decision Making Process Assignment

Evaluate the Decision Making Process - Assignment Example Despite the forth coming problems, an effective and true decision, which is taken at right time, may also saves many of the important organizational resources (Ingram, 2010). According to the experts, the basic goal of the decision making process is to achieve some desired and set goals and objectives and avoid negative and poor consequences (Krehbiel, 2012). The firms’ managers always try to take a right decision at right time so that they can support the other organizational activities and thus giving a better output productivity. When any decision is taken in the organizational perspective than for sure it will help the organizational mangers but at the same time there can be some good or best decisions which not only support the organizational system but also add up to the efficiency of the organizational activities and the operations (Krehbiel, 2012). The process of decision making is a systematic progression which actually works in a step by step series. The process may starts with the recognition of the problem. This can be happen when the manager or any of workers may predict or forecast any possible problem or contingency in the very short run for the organization (Heckman & Crowston, 2011). Here it is not necessary that there will be a prediction of the problem rather the manger may come to know about the problem when they are badly struck in it. The critical point is that the manger or the firm mya truly identify the problem in the situation. Many of the mangers may get confuse between the actual problem and its symptoms. In most of the situation, the symptoms are very clear but the mangers may not track the problem exactly. Therefore, at first step the real identification of the problem is very important (Heckman & Crowston, 2011). Now in this situation the managers must carefully analyze all the possible factors and the reasons, so that they may come to know about the difference between the symptoms and the actual problem

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