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The Way We Were (1973) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Way We Were (1973) - Essay ExampleLove of literature and erotic love of political affairs, apparently, are two intelligible worlds with which Morosky and Gardner are especially drawn as lovers who struggle to square off huge differences yet find themselves growing apart and wearied by human nature of memory on to individual professions and sense of individualism. The Way We Were emerges to embody a consume that demonstrates how complex dimensions of history and philosophical culture of arguments may give birth to love which later finds itself walking out of the conflict with which it is built.At the onset, it is rather less difficult to assume possibility that forces of attraction could govern between Katie and Hubbell as college students of the 30s who give lessons with the point of gaining interest over something peculiar or strange given that it is normal for their youth to generalize complements as well as the tendencies of fascination and fondness attached with them. So, basically, this is the type of setting that prevails as a typical WASP encounters a Young Communist League member as if two distinct worlds settle to satisfy curiosities of each other in the hope of discovering further wonders that are established by the opposites. Hence, the way each one is becomes an object of consideration for the other to the extent that in the real condemnation of love, individual temperaments are set aside. Certainly, this stage must take place in a film that is expected to justify its romantic theme, thus, with some degree of success Katie and Hubbell necessitates a formal bond.Beyond marriage, however, carcass a question of intrinsic priority and stronger yearning to proceed with the essentials left behind without proper closure. In the story, Gardner could not help the desire to become a Hollywood screenwriter for which Morosky expresses fervent disagreement. Eventually, the opposites are similarly sharp to handle, no longer constituting the characte r that

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