Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Projectile Motion Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Projectile Motion - Lab Report ExampleThe emergences foretell higher date of flight for high setting and vice versa. Besides that we expect to see the m of flight to be the same for any value of the initial velocity.In the second part, the sample investigates dimension of the average velocity versus choke velocity that is, if the horizontal velocity is constant during the flight, then it should be partake to or very close to the muzzle velocity and this is achieved by setting the gun at an weight down of elevation of 35 degrees. In the third part the experiment investigates that the range is the same for complimentary angles. The results manoeuvre a relatively close value for the range and time of flight. This shows that the range and time of flight atomic number 18 the same for complimentary angles. The fourth part investigates that a curve formed by a flight takes the form of a parabola. This is achieved by setting the target at the same level as the muzzle for any chos en angle. The observed shape is a parabola.In this experiment, there were errors, hence accurate results were non achieved as can be seen from the data sheet. One possible cause of the uncertainties is the inaccurate timing from the time projection and the exact time of landing an error that can be attributed to the inaccuracy of the observer causing stochastic error. Another possible cause of inaccurate results is the variation of the initial velocity as a result effect of the difference in the launching of the gun affecting the muzzle velocity.If this experiment was performed on the moon where the force of gravity is 1/6 of the earth, we expect the initial velocity to be greater than when it would beget been in the lab because the moon offers less resistance in terms of force to the motion of the projectile. Similarly, If the experiment was performed on the moon, the target distance will be longer because the acceleration due to gravity acceleration is low hence the projectil e will have an overall increased range. Finally,

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