Thursday, May 30, 2019

Big City Dangers :: Environmental Pollution Essays

Big City Dangers Since the industrial revolution the world has witnessed the rapid expansion of its metropolises. For years humans have been flocking to these urban centers in search of jobs, commodities, entertainment and other phenomena that can commonly be found in cities. With this grand, not so new invention which most of us exploit, sensation must wonder what negative effects city living might have on our health. When populations of animals are clustered together certain dangers arise that expose the well being of each organism. Notably in China, Japan, India and the United States which contain extensive cities humans battle the health risks that come along them. One much(prenominal) well-known city in the USA which has documented and studied the biological threats to its inhabitants is New York City. A press release from the Department of Health is not requisite to let New Yorkers know that their home is hazardous to their health. Walking along any street in Manh attan the average observer can smell car fumes in the air, see the filth in the gutters and occasionally witness a purse-snatching. The potential for catching communicable diseases or being injured in some way is severely heightened in concentrated populations same New York. Some of the alleged contamination problems are water contamination, excessive noise and the front man of smog. Several diseases have spread throughout the city in recent years including the flu, West Nile Virus and meningitis. Another biological contaminant that has been found in NYC recently is Anthrax. This substance being sent through the postal system and other crimes endanger the well being of the citizens of this famous city. Anything from a car cerebrovascular mishap to an intentional murder or shooting can cause an unnatural death. Additionally, freak occurrences like terrorist attacks can kill or infect populations of people like those in New York City. These factors increase the likelihood that r esidents of a city will contract a particular disease, suffer from an environmentally caused illness, die in an accident or be the victim of a violent crime. Dangers associated with cities threaten the most basic biological feature that urban, suburban and country humans possess, life. Air pollution is one of the most noticeable and common complaints of people in an urban setting. On a hot day one can see the foul cloud-like structures hanging over a bustling metropolis.

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