Thursday, July 5, 2018

' Their Eyes Were Watching God: Study Questions & Essay Topics'

' wherefore is Janie ab initio attracted to Jody? why does this attraction flutter? \nJody comes along at a transitional terminus in Janies life. She is even part under(a) the whirl of her grandmothers philosophy, prizing hooey wealthiness and status, only when at the like conviction has begun to depend for something greater. She is unsealed what that something is unless knows that it involves much than what she has with Logan Killicks. When Jody arrives, copious of strut and ambition, he reconciles Janies rearing with her longing for adventure. His speech of military unit and mastery soothes Janies disillusionment epoch his wishful accessible climb satisfies the determine that nursemaid has imparted to her. \nJanies bear on in Jody ultimately wanes because she disc everywheres that the spot he wants her to sum offers her no fulfillment. She learns that thither ar ii reasons that Jody bequeath never uphold her discover her dreams. First, Jodys de mand is for temporal and tender gain. He wants wealth, originator, and status. No compendium of such things, however, forget care Janie in her ghostly quest. Second, Jody defines himself through with(predicate) his rule condition of others, especially through his silencing of Janie. Their wedding fails because Janie refuses to tarry Jodys idealistic backbone of himself each longer. His egotism, base on power over others, demands that he control and reign Janie, which prevents her from exploring and expressing herself. '

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